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The Indiana Occupational Therapy Association is a professional association, with an all volunteer Board of Directors, organized to provide professional support for members in their use of purposeful and meaningful occupations to promote health, prevent disability, and to enhance quality of life and life satisfaction in the community at large.

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In light of recent events, AOTA’s Board of Directors has published a statement regarding societal injustice and systemic racism in our society. IOTA firmly supports AOTA’s position and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to “affirm[s] the right of every individual to access and fully participate in society” (AOTA, 2020). As an association and as practitioners, we strive to seek cultural humility and recognize our own biases in order to support the individual and community experiences of marginalized groups. To hold true to the mission of supporting inclusivity, increasing diversity and addressing equity, IOTA is prepared to honor the following commitments:

1. We vow to find ways to magnify and uplift the voices of minority community members in order to seek understanding in how systemic injustices impact occupational engagement as practitioners and people. We also commit to sharing informed and evidence-based ways in which non-minorities can serve as allies to minority colleagues and clients.

2. We vow to monitor the development of AOTA’s Taskforce on Diversity and Inclusion and incorporate recommendations into practice, outreach, research, and education as applicable at the state and local levels.

3. We vow to consult minority stakeholders and consider the impact that policy supported by our association has on marginalized groups and communities in future legislative sessions at state and local levels.

We urge you to read AOTA’s statement against societal injustice and systemic racism (linked below) and remain informed on state and national efforts to combat systemic racism. We as an organization promise to do our best to assist members in doing so. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions, concerns, or comments.


 -IOTA Leadership 


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